North Cape or Knivskjellodden?

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A weekend in Hamburg

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3 stops in Iceland

Dramatic nature, rocky beaches and flatbaka – that’s Iceland. I sit down, dig my hand into the gravel and study what I’m left with….

Kosovo: The forbidden road

It is difficult visiting Kosovo without the war coming to mind. I remember the 1999 images of desperate people standing together in a field,…

Bergen: Gingerbread Town

Should you find yourself in Bergen, Norway by the end of the year, there’s one attraction you should definitely not miss and that is…


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A weekend in Hamburg

A couple of years ago we passed Hamburg driving north on the autobahn. Little did we know that behind all the containers there is…


At first sight, Tirana is not a beautiful city. You need to get in a little closer, look around and sit down. Then you’ll…

Destination: Bergen

I was tempted to do a “24 hours in Bergen” article. However, an article like that needs a well organised timetable and that was…


Ulla Winbladh

Head out to the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, a place which is truly a little haven for hungry people. We eat slowly so…

The tomato advice

What do you do when you’ve photographed all of Iceland’s impressive waterfalls and spouting geysers? You enjoy a steaming hot tomato soup. It was…

Cuban B&B

You can stay in a hotel when you are in Cuba, or you can stay in a Casa Particular. We would recommend the latter….

Cuban B&B

You can stay in a hotel when you are in Cuba, or you can stay in a Casa Particular. We would recommend the latter….

Cuba: Go horseback riding

We mount the horses and head to one of Viñales’ many caves. The whole area is like a Swiss cheese. A Mecca for those…

Viñales – The garden of Cuba

You don’t travel to Cuba without visiting the island’s lush western region, where it seems as if time has stood still and you’re surrounded…

London Bermondsey

London: Bermondsey

In February Soletraveller went to London. I could have stuffed the pages here with pictures during my stay, but held back. The reason why…



We both feel we are done with the UK now, but appointments there keep calling us back.


London revisited

Soletraveller just got back home from England. This time, the trip across the Atlantic included a reunion with London. After all, it was four…

Wineglass Bay


It is perhaps a little absurd to travel so far – to the other side of the globe – to experience something resembling what…



For a moment I’m russ again. That typical Norwegian celebration in the final semester of college, where you wear coloured overalls and drive matching…