Alien in a brothel


There is a young beautiful woman standing in front of me, so aware of her curvy features. She shakes her head slightly as her long black hair dances like another Wella commercial. I’m in a whorehouse.

I go inside to the bar and order a beer. It’s quiet inside. The pole is left undisturbed and the couches are empty. Not a sound from the rooms. I think of the Depeche Mode music video «Personal Jesus» – where a couple of the guys arrive at a whorehouse riding horses. It was another type of horsepower that caused the dust to swirl, when we parked in front of the rough building that houses one of the Caribbean island’s many brothels. When Joe and I joined the local motorcycle club on their Sunday ride from bar to bar, it wasn’t part of the plan to end up here. But when we left town, rounded a bend and I saw the first bike in the line indicate to the left, I knew where we were heading. Joe had pointed out to me the location of the ‘French bar’.

The ‘French Bars’ is a strange name though, as most of the girls working in them are Spanish speaking. Several of them come from neighboring islands and Latin America. I wish I could speak the language fluently and have a chat with them. Instead I walk back out in the sun again with my beer. There I am, on the stairs, in my dusty pirate pants and black singlet. My short, sun-bleached hair is messy after the trip around the island on a motorbike and I don’t think I’ve ever felt less feminine.
As in the music video, there is a woman in front of me showing her hair in its full length. Along with the other girls from Colombia, Haiti, and Anguilla, she drapes herself on a Harley, posing while one of the other girls takes pictures of her. Big breasts are being squeezed together while plump lips are flirting with the camera lens.

The other bikers are laughing and chatting. Most of them have been here before and a couple of them talk about this and that with one of the girls. I look at Joe, who starts up the Harley. I jump on and we drive into the sunset, leaving another side of paradise behind.


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