We both feel we are done with the UK now, but appointments there keep calling us back.

We both feel we are done with the UK now, but appointments there keep calling us back.

For me the last trip meant catching up with friends in London (and the city itself), while Joe wrapped up everything in Shropshire, where the Cambulance has been located for about a year. Now it was time to move it to its next destination.

We had three long days of driving through the UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Denmark to Norway.

Two weeks later, we had to fly over to Manchester, where Joe had an appointment. The plan was to fly Oslo Rygge–Manchester, but by the time we were ready to book our flights, the prices had risen enormously. It turned out to be more economical to fly to Edinburgh (the day before), book a B&B and catch a train from Edinburgh to Manchester. So that is what we did.


Finally I tasted haggis! We spent the evening at Greyfriars Bobby´s Bar with its delicious food and live music. We have both been to Edinburgh before, but not together. I was there three years ago, while Joe had not been there since the late 80’s

Neither of us are interested in football, but we booked the Victoria Warehouse Hotel (close to Old Trafford and the Mecca of Manchester United), as the location suited our plans. No football match at Old Trafford and we missed the Manchester City versus Barcelona match, that took place while we were here.

In Manchester we returned to Terrace NQ. It was the sandwiches – not to mention the motorcycle headlights in the bar. Love them! 🙂

On a shoestring
Manchester on a shoestring for Jeanette, while Joe sorted out what he came here for.

Victoria Warehouse feels more like a hostel than a hotel. Rough, simple – and practical.


Left: Manchester United´s home was just around the corner from our hotel. Right: Airport romance – someone is waiting.

Lowry Outlet Manchester

… and the boring Lowry Outlet.


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