Go girl!

It is no longer about the size of the bushes, wether the toilet seat is clean enough or the queue in front of the rest room is short enough for making it there in time.

I’ve written about GoGirl before, and I had decided to buy one. Recently, at the travel fair in Lillestrøm, I found the Go Girl stand. I hadn’t really thought of the fact that they would be there, but now I saw the chance to get a closer look at this fantastic little thing. I ended up bringing one back home with me.

We know the situation; dodgy toilet seats. Somewhere out there on the road or at some festival. Perhaps you are traveling with a group of people, suddenly feeling the need for a pee, and nowhere to hide behind. Or maybe the queue for the restroom is simply too long. Women cannot just pull their pants down everywhere and line up in a corner.

The other day I heard a speech by lovely Cecilie Skog (the only woman who has done the seven summits and both North and South Pole!). She talked about her trips to the North and South Pole, and I had to smile when she brought up the issue I am writing about here. Just imagine, you are in a place where the temperature drops down to -40, -50…. You really do not want to leave your tent and pull your pants down. So she uses something similar to GoGirl. And as she says: just like the guys, she can now pee in a bottle – without leaving the tent when out on an expedition. And she adds: unlike the guys she does not have a shrinkage problem! 🙂

I have tried my GoGirl now. It was surprisingly easy, and caused no mess at all. I did not have to lean forward really as I had heard someone say you have to. I did not need to take off any clothes either, although I started almost naked here – just in case. It was my first time after all. But in general, just do as the guys –  pull the zipper down and go for it.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you should not save up too much before you use it. It will be too full and spill then.

The funnel is made with flexible, medical grade silicone. It can be boiled and reused. It also comes with a napkin and a biodegradable bag and you can roll it all together and stuff it back into the holder again. Hygienic, easy and quite discreet.


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