Go to Hell, Soletraveller!

Or: killing four hours of waiting time.

– Here comes the tourists, we laugh and line up against the yellow wall. Over our heads is the sign telling us where we are: Hell station, a good stone’s throw from Værnes airport. But as we speak English the name of the place has a different meaning, for which the little station has become so famous.

For us, Hell is just a stopover between Torp and Ålesund, since there were no direct flights. We don’t mind, when you can go out for a walk and get some fresh air and a little adventure. We have good shoes and warm clothes because, in fact, Hell can be pretty nippy, which it is today.

The station was built more than a century ago, and consists of beautiful old wooden buildings. Quite charming actually. We skulk around. Peek into the waiting room the waiting room to Hell! I nudge Joe. There is not much in there. A good place to think through one’s actions, perhaps?

We do not forget, of course, the sign Gods expedition. We take some more photos. Look at the weather. I had hoped for snow and ice, just to be able to say that Hell has frozen over, but it is too mild, it rains. Joe is talking about the Eagles album with that title, which came out in 1994, and why it got the name it did. More pictures later, we have seen enough of Hell.

And the name Hell? It is said that it derives from the Norse word hellir, meaning cave.

We take a detour on the way back to the airport. On the hillside, about a ten minute walk from the station there are some interesting rock carvings of animals, mostly reindeer. We walk up a long hill in a small housing estate area, then into the woods. For a moment I find it a bit absurd to be far up the slope like that. But hey, we’re out on a little adventure, and in our case, the trip to Hell does come with a return ticket.

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