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– You could perhaps have avoided all the heads in this photo, says my stepfather helpfully when we go through my photos from Rome. I wish I could have, but it was impossible from the small space I had available.

Rome it was. Fontana di Trevi to be more specific. We knew what awaited us, but the famous spots in this amazing city must somehow be seen. You know the feeling. Prior to a journey one has expectations and plans about the amazing snaps you will capture when finally there. Maybe at a site you have always dreamt of visiting. It is going to be sooo nice. It’s just that so many others are having the same thoughts.

So instead you find yourself in a huge crowd – a sea of ​​people. In some places this means loads of rubbish too. Not to mention aggressive guides and people trying to sell you this and that. Souvenirs of all shapes and colors. That’s the way it is.

Quietly you tic off your so-called Bucket list, while trying to take in the reality of actually being there. Afterwards when home again, you look through your photos trying to capture some kind of magic you should have felt at this place, but it doesn’t materialize.

Joe and I tend to set our expectations at zero, as visiting sites like these can go both ways. We saw this when we were on our way to Peru and Matchu Picchu. Along the way we met people who had been crying while among the ruins, because it was such an emotional experience to be there. Others just breezed by while saying – Pah, it was ok; it looks exactly like the pictures!
A few years later we parked up but the Giza pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo, trying to take in this awesome site. It was an amazing experience, but far from what we had in mind prior to the journey.

So next time, you should either crop your photos a bit and get creative with them, or realize that you might not get the amazing postcard photos your were hoping for. As for the experience itself: Take a deep breath as you dive into the sea of ​​people and get out of there again safely. All with a smile!

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