Manchester: Pieminister and old backdrops

Like an old time New York in contrast with modern shopping centres. Manchester is a city receiving a proper facelift

Like an old time New York in contrast with modern shopping centres. Manchester is a city receiving a proper facelift

Neither of us are football fans, but we had an errand in Manchester, and it was perfect to spend a couple days here before we jumped on a plane once again.

From Shropshire we took the train to Piccadilly Station in Manchester. We only had a few steps to walk before checking in at the Britannia Hotel. We had the city on our doorstep, as well as the tram that took us to the destination we came here for. When our errand was over we relaxed and became tourists for a little while.

Northern Quarter is the place! Plenty of cafes. Terrace NQ, for example, where we had a breakfast that would last us a while.
We ended up in this area in the evening as well. Joe wanted to see a band but The Blue Pig was so cosy, so we just stayed there. 

britannia hotel
The hotel room with the rounded window.

Vintage, old stuff, new stuff, nick nack, cafe, piercing – you will always find something interesting here: Afflecks

Ah, the street art. Stewy. Same artist also did the piece in Canal Street (below) of Quentin Crisp.

canal street
Canal Street: Manchester´s gay quarter. Lively in the weekends they say.

Pieminister serves pie of course. Different flavours and if you want to make a big dinner out of them, add a “Mothership” and get mashed potatoes and gravy too. Yummy!

Modern and old buildings all mixed up. We found Manchester to be a pleasant city to visit. 

Joe had been here before, while the city was new to me. I imagined a dreary industrial city, but was pleasantly surprised and somewhat charmed in fact. Many of the old industrial buildings reminded me of what New York once must have looked like. You know when you watch movies taking place at the beginning of the 1900s … Just like that. Use Manchester as a backdrop next time. 🙂



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Top left: The guys at Terrace NQ made me a nice cappuccino dolphin.
Top right: Dear Manchester – we love you, but please get rid of the concrete walls by Piccadilly Gardens
Bottom left: Pieminister has pie-fi!
Bottom right: Joe in the rounded window

We flew Ryan Air to Liverpool. There are trains from Manchester to South Parkway outside Liverpool, where we jumped on a buss to the airport.

We lloked through a lot of reviews of the hotels in Manchester, and the feedback was really up and down. We chose Britannia Hotel due to its location and price. It was just what we needed and we had a very nice stay here. Staff was nice, rooms ok. We loved our window and the stairs. Actually – the stairs are really worth a drop in! This wonderful kaleidoscope of chairs: like a glimpse of some faded, sparkly past.

britannia hotel

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