Our sister site, Soletraveller.vgb.no has existed for more than four years, and we’ve put a lot of work into it. Therefore it is rewarding to receive some nice feedback and reactions from the travel industry here in Norway.

In JUne 2010 I received an email from Reisefestivalen (a travel festival arranged by Zine Travel Magazine). They told me they had seen my review of the previous year of their first festival in October 2009. Launching the site for the festival of 2010 they have linked to Soletraveller on their Press pages.

I received a magazine from the travel equipment store Nomaden in Oslo. They had an article encouraging people to start up their own blog to document their journeys. As an example they had linked to three established sites and Soletraveller was one of them. They wrote:

“Soletraveller writes for VG, and it looks like she’s been all over the world. You can almost use this (site) as a reference book.”

Soletraveller.vgb.no has been found at the newspaper VG’s sites. It is an individual blog and not hired by VG. During five years of blogging Soletraveller has received attention by being placed on www.vg.no frontpage several times. Here’s a few of the headlines: