Peak District – finally

We’ve been through Peak District a few times now, but never really had the time to look around here. It was time for a visit.

Joe’s boots were full of mud when he came out of the cave. He is crazy about caves and had probably found holes into a larger system had it not been so incredibly muddy here. I must admit I don’t share quite the same enthusiasm for large cave expeditions yet. When we walked away from there we found a little stream close by to clean our boots before continuing up the hill.



Mom Tor awaited us, and the walk up there was pretty steep. We stopped to catch our breath while we gazed down at the Blue John Cavern, a mine where they have been digging for a semi-precious mineral they call Derbyshire Blue John.
After visiting the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Wales with its high mountains, it felt a bit strange to call this area the Peak District. It really reminds you more of the Moors in the south, with bare windswept hills.
Soon we were at the top. Around the tor, here and there, were embedded graphics in the concrete, which resembled something we saw in South America.
It turned out that this was associated with the Celts who they believe once lived here, about 3,000 years ago.



Her at the top, we could see the path make its way through the national park from peak to peak. We looked at a peak that looked interestingly like the cone of a volcano and it made us curious. It seemed too far away to walk there and we did not feel like making an attempt. Later, when we drove close by, it didn’t look so impressive. A hike up there would have been nice though, just for the view.

It was chilly in the evenings now and we shivered as we crawled into our sleeping bags for the night. We decided to head south now.



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