Road trip in Norway – The details

Which tunnel was the longest? What did we do? How did we sleep? How high did we go? Here are the details from our road trip in Norway.

When our British friends announced their plans for a road trip in Norway – which we of course would join – I thought early May was a little early for the journey. Many of the roads would most likely not be open yet after the winter, plus temperatures would still be low in many places. It took us a while before we were finally on the road. After a few nice days in the cabin, we could finally turn our beasts towards the west. The date was May 13th.

Stille vannWe were lucky, as some of our reports have shown. Many roads opened as we proceeded on the trip, some just opening as we were arriving. Now we know that some of them closed after we had passed due to snowstorms and avalanches.

We were unfortunately a little too early for the flowering season in Hardanger. Fortunately we saw a lovely Voss on Norway’s National Day with everybody dressed in their bunads. We had a lovely trip on the Flamsbana with very few tourists (compared to what it is like in high season) and on the more popular roads we were pretty much alone.

Figures from the route we travelled:
Distance: 2773km (1723miles)
Number of tunnels: lost count
Longest tunnel: 24.5 km. (Lærdalstunnelen)
Number of ferries: 9
Average price on the ferries: 144, – NOK
Most expensive bread: 48, – NOK (But it was worth it. From the bakery in Lom)
Steepest gradient: 10%
Number of waterfalls: lost count
Toll roads: 13
Highest altitude by Cambulance: 1434 m
Activities: Fjords, waterfalls, forests, hiking, fishing, trains, food and drink

Soverommet vårt

Sleeping: Raising roof compartment (Warm and comfortable)
Guilty Pleasure: Green Snickers
Glad we brought: Devold (wooly wear)
Coldest legs: Tony (wears shorts even in the snow)

Grønn Snickers
Gode sokkerHome made knitted socks. Great for the journey.

Mat underveis
We had some tasty meals and healthy breakfasts.

Can´t be avoided when on road trip in Norway: tunnels!

Left: Another queue for the ferry. Right: Suddenly we were the attraction! Taiwanese tourists wanting to see our bedroom.


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