Our road trip is coming to its end. We have to return home, but first we include a final nature experience, before we head back on the busy E6 and denser populated areas again.

In Røros there is a statue of the man who painted the famous picture “Night in Rondane”, Harald Sohlberg. We will pass the place where he found inspiration for this painting.

We turn onto the RV27 from Folldal, a road that has seen better days. It is bumpy and uneven, but the scenery is really beautiful. We are now in Rondane National Park, a lovely piece of Norway. It is beautiful and mystical. I would think trolls live here. It is clearly a popular holiday area too we see many cabins.

Eventually we stop at Strømbu rest area, where a modern concrete building captures nature through panoramic windows facing the mountains. It is closed, but we don’t need to go inside. The weather is pleasant today, so we just stroll around and look, resting after our drive all the way from Røros.

When we finally move on further down the road, we come to Sohlbergplassen where the artist found his inspiration. Not quite as blue now, but still beautiful. We look at the moors and the mountains. It would be so nice to just trek off here. Hiking in Rondane is definitely an idea for another trip.

As we come south, we see more bare mountains around us, with a sort of greenish layer on them. It is the moss that contributes to it. There is an interesting contrast between the white snow, the dark mountains and the bright green moss. When the clouds draw-in the light some-how becomes magical.

Rondane, we must meet again!

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