Scotland – a bit like Norway

According to Lonely Planet, Scotland is one of the countries you should visit in 2014. We agree. Wear proper clothing suitable for hiking, take a little hot flask and enjoy the nature!

I had just washed up after dinner when I looked up at the sky. The sun had gone down and I caught a glimpse of blue sky above me. – Great!, I said to Joe when I closed the back doors of the Land Rover, hoping the weather would hold for the next day too. A few seconds later I heard heavy rain on our roof.

No Nessie

Fortunately though, the next day the sun shone again and we felt fortunate, as it continued while we drove along Loch Ness. We had a couple of hours here and as we didn’t see any sea monsters, we wound our way up the hill heading for Dingwall. We needed the internet, fuel and some food in our bellies. At Grant’s we found some of our needs. Hot soup that would last us a while, as we still had some driving ahead of us. After all we were heading for the top.


We started the next day with a walk in the woods. We had parked up a stone’s throw from the sea and had been sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves. Now we needed to move around to wake up.

A couple of hours later, as we followed the northern coast heading west, the weather gave us both sun and rain. We could constantly see the blue sky, but the rain fell mostly while we were driving. We ate lunch and enjoyed the view at Tongue, without getting wet. We ran around on an idyllic beach, that we just had to stop and take a closer look at and Joe finally found a cave he could explore, when we stopped at Smoo Cave.





The Highlands gave us their best side. Some places presented us clichés: a small ruined castle on a lake with the Highlands as a backdrop.
We meandered up the narrow road through Glen Nevis, while we looked up to Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. It reminded us of Norway.

We continued south, up the impressive Glen Coe. Joe seemed to look more in the mirror than in front of him, as the scenery was so impressive here. But soon everything seemed to vanish into some kind of nothing, as a fierce rain moved inwards between the mountains behind us. We managed to outrun it.


Soletraveller and Ben Nevis

In the Southwest of Scotland we drove to Galloway Forest Park and Bruce’s Stone. The Battle of Glentrool took place here. Robert I of Scotland (Robert the Bruce) fought against the English and won. The memorial stone is surrounded by gorgeous Scottish scenery and here we really should have embraced the Highlands with some good hikes. It’s just that a ferry was waiting for us now – and Northern Ireland. 🙂


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