During our last trip we finally put on scuba gear and ventured into the sea again. It really was way too long since the last time!

Before we travelled to Cuba, we watched a few documentaries about the island and we were happy to hear that the coral reef here is in very good condition. Unlike the rest of the Caribbean, where many corals are almost extinct, here they are thriving. One theory is that it is due to Cuba’s organic agriculture.

When the Soviet Union collapsed and aid to Cuba was withdrawn, the island went into what is called ‘the special period’. Times were hard and it forced the people to return to old farming methods, so that everyone could be fed. Due to this, they have had more than a decade with the absence of pesticides seeping into the soil and thus into the sea.

Joe’s first test dive with the GoPro. We need a filter that better shows the true colours.

Some facts from our dives
First dive site: Maria Aguilar
Second dive site: Coya Blanco (Both off the coast of Trinidad)
40 meters visibility
Diving from a boat
2.5 mm wetsuit (short)
26 degrees in the water
16 meters maximum depth
A few of the things we saw: elk coral, brain coral, yellow and blue sponge tubes, murene, butterfly fish, lion fish, shallow fish, eel and sand tilefish

We were about 12 people divided into three groups on board. Our dive master, Nassio, was incredibly calm and in full control. He took good care of us. A lot of the equipment was quite worn. Particularly the wetsuits! The most important stuff (air) seemed to work ok. It has to be said that the dive center have been waiting for new equipment since 2005.

We definitely won’t be leaving it too long before our next dive, although we don’t know exactly where that will be. I have read articles about diving tours over several days, living on the boat, with interest. The art installation (underwater museum) in Lanzarote (similar to the one in Mexico) is veeeery interesting. As are of course various reefs around the planet. The beautiful whale sharks have not yet been introduced to Soletraveller either.

Our diving logs are there as a reminder now: Let’s not wait too long until next time.

Not quite like Murad Osman. We need more practice.

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