Seydisfjordur: a colourful spot

Whether you’re arriving in Iceland by ferry or you’re far along the island’s Ring road, this little village should not be missed.

I find myself on the floor beneath a dome of concrete, the sound sculpture ‘Tvisongur’, listening to the sound of silence. The dome is perched on the mountainside above Seyðisfjörður. On a stormy day I am sure this installation really comes into its own. The acoustics are great in here. Today, there is hardly a breath of wind and the air is clear and fresh.

The fjord Seyðisfjörður stretches out before me, leading to the settlement of the same name. Somewhere to the right is the ocean. A boat is heading in that direction. I make my way down from the mountain. ‘Seyðisfjörður’ I love saying the name. It’s exotic and gives your tongue a workout.

The village was founded by Norwegian fishermen and today there are approximately 800 inhabitants. You quickly find spots of creativity when you start meandering through the streets. During the summer months there are several stores selling arts and crafts. Unfortunately, we are a bit out of season and find only one store open today.

Inside the Hotel Aldan, a group of visitors are busy tucking into the buffet.  A man is particularly interested in the pink hummus (with beetroot). It looks tasty, but I decide to order a take away cappuccino only.
Back outside, I admire the sea. It is like a mirror. Colourful fishing boats look almost like toys as they lay at rest.

If you arrive in Iceland by ferry, Seyðisfjörður is the starting point for your visit to this island. Far from Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, volcanoes and geysers, stay a while and don’t hurry away. Take a little time to look around this colourful settlement before embarking on the rest of your trip.

About 4 km outside Seyðisfjörður you can find the Dvergasteinn (Dwarf’s Stone). According to legend, the stone is a spot for dwarf’s prayers and when the church was built, the stone moved itself to the opposite side of the fjord. You can find a mini version of the stone behind the blue church in Seyðisfjörður.

Above the village, on the way to Egilsstadir, is the lovely waterfall ‘Gufufoss’.

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