Southwest England, part 2

Still good weather. We had a very nice drive south along the coast. We stopped a couple of times. Navigated through small, narrow one lane roads. For a while we had a bus ahead of us, being our plough. We peaked over the cliff edges and saw deserted beaches you can only reach by boat.

The sun felt warm and the little wind that was present felt good. Now and then Joe had to comment on the ocean, how blue and calm it was. We kept moving on, in Cornwall now, where the scenery is steep, narrow and very idyllic.
Suddenly we found ourselves in Land`s End. It looks so far away on the map, but it didn`t take as long as we thought it would to get there. It was late in the afternoon when we parked up. The light was warm and dreamy. We enjoyed the view, when most people seemed to be heading home.

The day after we found ourselves in a queue heading for Marazion. It was sunny and warm and those who were not heading for the beach were going out to St. Michael`s Mount. The English version of Mont Saint Michel in France.
We walked out there, had a peak in the little village, before we deciding to walk around the island, out on the rocks. Instead of walking within the walls among hordes of people, we walked in peace along the water and were rewarded with some really nice views of the castle.

We spent the night at Lizard Point, England’s most southerly place. It was cloudy now and the wind was really cold. We had to go down to the cliffs and have a look though, so we tucked ourselves into our jackets and headed down there. Again, it was the end of the day and we were almost alone. Only a few cars here and there in the parking lot.
At night a thick fog covered the place. We heard the fog horn, leaving a Hitchcock like atmosphere over the place. We survived it and the next morning the sun was shining again.


Now we headed east. We did some internet in Helston, had lunch in lovely St.Mawes and on the way there we had a nice little journey on the ferry across Carrick Roads. We parked for the night at Pendower Beach. We ended up staying here for two nights. The place was so nice and the temperature warm. Not bad weather either. Even when there was rain in the air, there were still people on the beach.

Even Joe decided to have a dip in the ocean here (his own suggestion even!)
In the evening we enjoyed some nice dry cider while admiring the amazing view over the beach we had from our Land Rover. The sea calm as always, the sky blue, looking promising for the next day.


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