Madrid: A tasty visit

I have never liked tomatoes. Now I find myself nibbling on delicious sweet-tasting tomatoes like I can’t get enough. The sun is about to go down and the atmosphere is warm in the small plaza. Madrid – who would have thought I would fall for you?

We jumped on a plane to Spain, heading for Madrid. It was not the intention, but the flight to another destination was fully booked so I chose the capital of Spain instead. Not a bad substitute it turns out.

The city has a castle, large and beautiful parks, wide boulevards and bustling shopping streets. But it also has these narrow, lovely streets where tapas bars are popping up one after another the farther down the road you go. Madrid is surprisingly intimate and cozy.


We sit down; order a pitcher of delicious refreshing sangria and a tapas dish. Enjoying the sun, watching the people and embracing the feeling of being (!) in one of Europe’s capitals. Lovely!
Listening to the language, trying some conversations a little. Laughing away any confusion that occurs. Everything is fine.




We walk around in the city. Do Palacio Real, the Royal Palace. Strolling up the Grand Via and squinting in all the stores. Taking a round at the Plaza Mayor, one somehow cannot avoid it.
We smell the roses in the Parque del Retiro, in which resides the world’s only statue of the fallen angel.
Visiting the art museums. Prado and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reino Sofia. Works by Goya, Dali and Picasso enlightens us and when we are done with art, we are hungry for food. More tapas, to be honest. Delicious crispy asparagus rolled-in ham. Patatas bravas. Albondigas…

I’m thinking that we should return to experience the other neighborhoods, take in their atmospheres/moods. But throughout Spain there are places and things to see calling for us: beaches, vineyards and picturesque villages. Alhambra Palace in Granada, flamenco and Spanish guitars. To mention a few.

I pick up the last tomato. Didn’t not know that tomatoes could taste so good. Roll a few Spanish words off my tongue and sigh satisfied. Muy bien!



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