That horrible motion sickness

People are amazed when I tell them how easily I get motion sickness. I do have my remedies and solutions to combat it, and most of the time – they work.

Joe has rolled his eyes a few times about this. At the same time he knows that things will go well. I just have to take some precautions until the body is used to the movements.
Because that is what it’s abut. When I have spent too much time in the city where we live, with walking distance to everything, I get motion sickness just by taking a short bus ride.

This tends to help me:

1. Seaband
At the pharmacy you’ll find these knitted elasticated wrist bands. They operate by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on each wrist by means of a plastic stud. It really works!


2. Drink something warm
When I can, I bring a thermo cup of hot water with fresh ginger, or just plain tea (not sweet).

3. Salt licorice
I always bring a couple of licorice boxes when it’s been a while since my last journey. Eating too much licorice is not quite optimal though – the stomach is certainly not fond of it. The nausea, however, disappears.

4. Motion sickness pills
For me, these are my last solution. They really help, but with the red triangle on the package it goes without saying that they are strong too. As I generally rarely take any medication, these work easily on me. The first few times I took a whole pill of Postafen (something I have bought in Norway) I slept in the fetal position on the flight. I went down to half a pill, and still had to sleep. Also, I would feel groggy for a few days after travelling.
One day, a friend of mine told me about another type of pills: Marzine. She had the same experiences as me regarding motion sickness pills, and said these were a lot better. I decided to try them out and yes, they really are better. I only take half a pill and they work just fine. It helps the nausea and I don´t really feel tired either.

I got a tip earlier this year that I’ll try out: stick a piece of crumpled paper into one ear! Sounds as crazy as attaching a leather belt under the car, hanging a piece of ginger around the neck, or putting a plaster on the belly button. I’ll give it a go though.

Anyone else suffering from motion sickness?



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