Rolling Chassis

The rolling chassis of the Land Rover Defender 130 is a strong  and  rugged piece of engineering. With the body removed it looks more  like a  truck than a car.

It is twenty inches longer than a standard 110 to  accommodate  the large ambulance body. The suspension, along with the  steering, are  heavy duty and the brakes robust. As we will be very  heavily loaded,  we have decided to upgrade certain areas of this already  strong setup,  to deal with the extra stresses and strains.

To cope with the extra load, up-rated shock absorbers and springs   will be fitted. Heavy duty steering rods and damper will replace the   standard items. The rear drum brakes will be replaced with a disk setup   and both axles rebuilt. The tyres and wheels will be renewed.  All   bearings, joints and seals will be replaced. The complete rolling   chassis will be refurbished and painted.