The Body

The body of the Land Rover Defender 130 Ambulance is a framework with double skin, formed into a box. The whole structure is made from aluminium and completely insulated. It has large double doors at the rear and a small opening through to the cab at the front. It is strong but light for a vehicle of these dimensions.

To create a practical and comfortable environment in which to live and work is our goal. There is a requirement to utilise the space as efficiently as possible, to accommodate equipment, spares, tools and personal items. Enclosures will be constructed for equipment such as generator, water system, air compressor, power distribution, heater..etc  with access for servicing. Storage units will be fitted to accommodate spares, tools, food, cooking untensils, computer equipment and personal items.

Presently there is a single large window along one side of the vehicle. This will be removed and two shorter ones fitted on either side. This will allow more light inside and increase available useful space. The windows will also be able to open for ventalation, unlike the present one which is fixed. Two extra windows will be fitted in the rear doors to improve driver rear vision.

The bulkhead opening will be enlarged to allow access to the rear from the front cab. There is a roof space above the cab which will be organised for extra storage. A raising roof compartment will be constructed for sleeping accommodation. A hatch will be fitted in the roof close to the front of the body, to access the roof compartment with a folding ladder.

All seals will be renewed and the complete body refurbished inside and out with a non-military paint scheme. Soletraveller graphics will be applied and sponsor logos put in place.