The Engine

We have chosen to replace the petrol engine with a diesel one.  The  reasons for this became clear as we investigated the alternatives. We want to keep our environmental impact to a  minimum and by  fitting a diesel we can reduce our fuel consumption by  half.  Alternative fuels such as biodiesel, vegetable oil and even used   vegetable oil can also be used. The availability of these fuels   throughout the world is not a problem. Cost reduction will also be a big   advantage. There are many diesel engines that can be fitted into a   Defender, but we needed one that could match the power of the V8   3.5Litre. After all we have a large, heavy, loaded vehicle to propel.

The International HS2.8L TGV turbo diesel engine is made by MWM of   Brazil. They are the original manufacturers of the 300Tdi Landrover   engine on which it is based. It is much improved, with increased power,   torque and reliability. A great advantage is its totally mechanical   configuration. Equivalent power and higher torque than the V8 3.5L   petrol engine is achieved without the need for electronic control. This   means easier repairs in the field and less expensive, easier to find   parts. Very little modification is necessary to fit this engine in the   vehicle, as it is has the same mountings as a standard Landrover 300Tdi.   It is also one of the most suitable for use with alternative fuels.   This engine, in conjunction with a bio-diesel system, will give us the   capability to reduce fuel consumption, environmental impact and cost.