The most beautiful train journey

It is called one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys, but we have somehow never even considered taking it.

Tony would really like to take Flamsbana. He loves train journeys. So we decide to do it.
Its 14.00 when we leave the platform in Flam, with a return ticket and a two-hour journey through beautiful scenery ahead of us. We have not traveled far when we feel this overwhelming sense of satisfaction that we chose to do this trip.

We brought lunch but almost forget to eat it. We are so busy looking out the windows to see what is happening, on both sides of the train. Fortunately we are early in the season (although the train runs all year round), so it is relaxed inside the train and we are free to move around. It is so relaxed in fact, that some tourists simply fall asleep! On such a beautiful train journey!

For an hour the train slowly crawls up towards Myrdal station. Flamsbana is running on one of the world´s steepest train lines, from sea level to 865 meters, through 20 tunnels and spectacular scenery. See for yourself:

Here and there we see the old Rallarveg (The Navvy Road) – an old path on which it is popular to go bicycling today.

We´re heading up there, and even further…

Stunning. Unfortunately no hulder* here yet (in summertime huldra is dancing by the waterfall).

Myrdal stasjon
Flåmsbana på Myrdal stasjon
Myrdal station. From here you can jump on the train to Oslo or Bergen (Bergensbanen).

* A hulder is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore

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