The tomato advice

What do you do when you’ve photographed all of Iceland’s impressive waterfalls and spouting geysers? You enjoy a steaming hot tomato soup.

It was while we sat in a steaming hot river by Hveragerði, that we were given this advice. While chatting with some Icelanders from Reykjavik, one of them crawled out of the river to dry off, then turned to us and asked: ’What are your plans for The Golden Circle?’

‘You should pay a visit to Friðheimar’ he said. He was talking about a farm where they grow tomatoes in large greenhouses, heated by geothermal energy. Knútur and Helena, who run the farm, are growing several types of tomatoes with the aim of producing tasty, nutritious and environmentally friendly fruits.

‘Their tomato soup really is something special’, he smiled and walked away.

We couldn’t quite grasp the name to begin with, so we had to ask again at the tourist information in Hveragerði. One of their staff knew immediately what we were looking for. ‘I was there yesterday with my family’ she said. ‘You should book a table as it is very popular’. We mentioned to her that we had been recommended the tomato soup. She nodded with a dreamy smile.

Needless to say our expectations were high when we turned up at Friðheimar after our Golden Circle visit. We had not booked a table and it was busy in the restaurant. Still, the atmosphere was very relaxed. It could have something to do with the fact that you sit right next to the tomato plants in the greenhouse. The smell, the light … a really nice, warm atmosphere. Although there were no tables available, we were determined to get a taste of the soup.

’Do you do takeout’ we asked. The lady at the door thought for a moment, before rushing off to ask in the kitchen. There were more guests with the same question now.

Shortly after, we sat down with our delicious soup and a big slice of fresh, tasty bread. It would have been nice to sit in the restaurant of course, but the motor home we rented for this journey was just fine.

Friðheimar is open 12 to 16.

Something tasty is growing outside.

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