The wine opener issue

Cork or screw top? Wine enthusiasts can argue about what is best. For people traveling on the other hand, the screw top is a great choice.

Wine openers

The airport in Panama City. We´re at the security checkpoint and find that something has changed after September 11th. Sharp objects can not be brought on board on the plane, and Joe has to see his leatherman go.
My bag went through the scanner though, without any problems. When we arrive in Quito a few hours later I pull up the wine opener I for some reason had put in my hand luggage. At some point between Guatemala, where we bought it, and Panama the opener lost its “arms” and now appears as a razor sharp weapon.
But it has come in handy. The wine we bought in Antigua, Guatemala was ok. The one we found in Costa Rica on the other hand; Even Sprite could not make ​​it any tastier. We left the bottle in the kitchen at the hostel. Later, in Ecuador, we became good friends with Concha y Toro.

We walk the streets of Copenhagen late in the afternoon. Leonard Cohen is in town and we have bought a bottle of wine for the concert, which we plan to enjoy in the park outside Rosenborg Eksercerplads where the consert takes place. Several people seems to have the same plan. As the store didn´t have any wine openers, we browse through several small shops. Finally, we are lucky. A tiny kiosk turns out to have a wine opener – I buy the last one they have and Leonard Cohen sings Hallelujah.

First night in Sicily. In a Spar shop we pick up cheese, bread and parma ham and a bottle of wine. We are planning a little picnic in the small town of Valderice. But again – no wine opener. Later we search the hotel room without result. The rest of the building seems empty and quiet, so we hope for better luck up in the town.
In a small nick nack shop where an old man almost blends in with the inventory we’re lucky. He sticks his hand into the chaos in there and out comes a perfect opener. We’re saved. Again.
A week later we´re going through security at the Trapani airport. The man with the X-ray monitor sees an object. He sticks his finger in his mouth and makes a big “POP”. You like wine, sir? he asks Joe with a smirk and takes the opener from us.

Joe decides to go on a road trip to Morocco with a couple of friends. A little too late I realize that he should have brought a wine opener. I’m right. A few weeks later, he brings home another opener to our collection, along with a bottle of Moroccan wine.

We are testing our Land Rover around the British Isles, and therefore limit our alcohol consumtion as we are driving every day. We only buy wine with screw tops as it is just easier. A glass in evening, before screw tops comes back on. I don´t think we even bought an opener this time.


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