There is no such thing as bad weather …

We are dressed for all sorts of weather. However, our British guests have observed that Norway is beautiful whether there is rain or shine.

It is May 17th and our day starts just outside Voss, where we parked up for the night. While people dress up in their best outfits, we have the usual wool base layer and outdoorsy clothes. It’s cold in the shade and we are waiting patiently for the sun to shine down on where we are. When we finally feel its rays we sit comfortable in our chairs enjoying a cup of tea allowing the damp air in the cambulances to dry out a little.

Joe og fjorden

We left a rainy wet Jørpeland a day earlier, but not before Tony and I had our cappuccino and café latte. Ruth bought postcards and we did our shopping in both Rema1000 and the wine monopoly. While Norwegians prepared for their May 17th celebrations, we turned north on the road we had originally planned to take when heading south the RV13 towards Røldal (and Odda).

Kart over kjørerute

We now saw a trend that was to follow us for the next few days. Ferries, tunnels, fjords, waterfalls and steep hills.
We had several stops this day to make a warming cup of tea, look at a waterfall or two and chat with other travelers. A Japanese couple followed us for a while. They didn’t say much, but smiled and waved. At a rest stop we chatted with an English couple who had the cutest little campervan and all the time in the world, it seemed. They did not know if they were going north or south. Had to see how they felt.
From Odda we took the RV550 to Utne (following the advice of my aunt) and from there a ferry to Kvanndal. We were unfortunately a little too early to fully experience the flowering season. A few fruit trees had begun to flower, but most of them would need more time. No doubt it is a wonderful sight, when all the fruit trees are in bloom here.

Blomstring i Hardanger
Fruktutsalg i Hardanger
I fergekø – igjen
Norsk fjordLast photo: Ruth Lawrence

We pack up and drive into Voss. May 17th processions are over when we park down by Vangsvatnet, but what a great place to show our English guests Norway’s Constitution Day! In the very green park, we find old and young in their beautiful bunads. The mountain peaks around are covered in snow and the sun peaks through the clouds. We buy hot dogs and even though I tell the others that on this day you can eat as many you want, we stick to one only. We continue around the streets of Voss, to admire more national costumes and russ (graduates) who have gathered in one of the squares. I point and explain the colours of the russ, the different bunads, all the traditions …

The day is not over yet. No more hot dogs, russ or bunads, but a great way to spend a National Day. Stay tuned for the next article. 🙂

17. mai i Voss
17. mai i VossLast photo: Ruth Lawrence

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