Warm days

Flat land, canals and waterways. Not to mention a charming place we now call our little paradise.

The reason why we travelled back and forth so much on this trip was due to occasional appointments in Cheshire, where the Land Rover has been parked up and Joe’s family live. In addition, we had two house sit assignments, and finally – the shows. The LRO Show was our reason for heading southeast.

A good excuse it was too, as we left the chilly nights in Peak District and ended up in a very hot (and flat) South East. Joe wanted to show me The Broads N.P, consisting of many lakes and canals. We were not too far from the sea here either, so we stopped at a beach for a little while, just north of Horsey, to breathe in the fresh smell of the sea.

It was here on the coast we found this amazing little place. Covehithe is a small place on the map and we basically just poked our finger on the map by this name hoping that it would be a nice place to spend a day. When we parked up in this small village we were taken a little aback when we saw the church ruin – a pretty big one too. With so few people living here… This church really loomed over the area.

As we parked we saw a lady run to the church to unlock a door. When we looked closely at the building, we saw that a newer, smaller church was built by the old tower. It turned out that the old church was closed in the 1670s, and pieces of it sold because it was too expensive to operate. Instead they built a smaller one, and this is open and in use today. It was open for us to just go in and look around as we wanted.

We found the trail to the beach. Ten minutes later we stood there and breathed in the sea air while we wondered how on earth we were going to find a place to lay down (irony). So much space! We were the alone here. For a while anyway. Soon, a few more people came down to the beach, mostly local residents. It was a calm, warm and lazy day. The water actually was a decent temperature – even Joe jumped in, came out and went back in again.

First, past the pigs … Then through a tunnel …

And then finally – paradise!

We needed the internet – and Costa. In the most charming little place, Southwold, we found the best Costa so far on the trip. We have visited a few now (should have been paid by Costa to be their spying clients checking out the service in the various places), and they have been of various quality. So we praised the staff here for being the best Costa café (according to us). Southwold – ah, would love to spend a few days here. We fell in love with the colorful beach houses and the little town had such a lovely relaxed atmosphere.

Just a couple of days before the LRO Show now and we were in desperate need of doing some laundry. Also, we had two days not really knowing what to do, so when we found a campsite in Thetford Forest with reasonable prices, we booked for two nights. It was nice just to relax a bit and not drive all day.
Since it was late in the season we had looooaaads of space around us. Except for two other cars, we had the great plain to ourselves. This was fortunate, as we pulled out “everything” from the back of the Land Rover. Beating and shaking pillows, washing the walls and the ceiling, just about all of our clothes and the cutlery tray with its content. Finally it was our turn. It is absolutely amazing how luxurious a shower can feel!

We had a couple of really hot days while here, like a last spasm before the fall pushed through a few days later.
We were sweating as we walked through the woods, finding a path we wanted to follow. It took us to a lonely church that seemed to appear from nowhere. This church was open to those who wanted a little peek and we availed ourselves of the opportunity to rest for a while. It was cool and relaxing in here (Joe actually forgot all his Monty Python lines that he tends to pull out in such places).

At the camp site, we got to chat with lovely Kim and Tony and fuss with their lovely dogs. So nice to meet you guys, hope to see you again! 🙂


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