wicked campervan in front of Uluru

For a moment I’m russ again. That typical Norwegian celebration in the final semester of college, where you wear coloured overalls and drive matching vans and buses. In front of me is a well used van full of scratches, a dent here and there, beds in the back and beer in the cooler box. WICKED!

Some time ago, I wrote about the campervan we rented in Australia on our previous site soletraveller.vgb.no. We drove many many miles in it and it took us to the places we wanted to go trouble free.

Today you will find Wicked campervans in New Zealand, Europe, USA, Canada, Chile and Africa.
I have read that Wicked has had its challenges here and there. They have received some bad feedback about whether their cars are actually safe on the road or not. As said, we did not experience any problems with our campervan, and we drove very FAR!

outback australia

wicked campervan

I read on the net that someone reacted strongly to what the Wicked campervans are particularly known for: graffiti. Not everyone appreciates a van “screaming out” phrases with sexual content (“A hard man is good to find”…).

“Travelling as two women in Western Australia, camping in remote locations, we were relieved we’d chosen the more expensive Brits campervan when we passed a Wicked campervan with the slogan ‘A hard man is good to find .’ We’d considered booking Wicked – up to that point, we had not realised how crass the slogans are – or how dangerous. This kind of humor invites trouble for women traveling solo or in groups.  Stay safe – do not book Wicked. ”

(from this article)

Are they right in reacting like this? Maybe I, as a Norwegian, am a little blind to it all as you will see vans and buses all over the country, during spring here in Norway, with the same concept? After all, I have been russ myself. 🙂

Our Wicked van was pretty neutral and kind except for the sticker:

8th commandment

thou shalt
not steel

God is watching you
you thieving bastard

Do you have any experience with Wicked campervans? What is your opinion?






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