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Yoga has become really popular as more and more people discover the amazing effects of the asanas, several yoga directions emerge and not least exciting trips to various retreats around the world.

I tried my first asanas 20 years ago, and have made some feeble attempts over the years to really get into yoga. In 2002 I had a month where I managed to do some exercises every morning and felt my stiff neck slowly softening up. I’ve always known that yoga is something I can really like and something that is good for me. Yet it is not until this summer that I have truly acquired the passion for yoga, not to mention experienced what yoga does to the body and mind – in a positive sense.

Joe is not quite as passionate about it as me (yet – I’m working on it), but we’ve actually been doing yoga together! In 2003 we showed up at a friend of Joe’s, lovely Dinah, at the Loterie Farm on St.Martin in the Caribbean Sea. A lovely morning was spent on yoga mats, where we stretched ourselves in all possible directions while we enjoyed the wonderful smell from the restaurant below which was preparing for lunch. A fantastic way to start the day.

I don’t think Dinah is located at the Loterie Farm anymore, but check out this page if you plan a trip to the Caribbean and want to do yoga.

Meanwhile, I have warned Joe. I would like to go to a yoga retreat (ok, he can stay home). The dream would be a writing and yoga retreat in Sri Lanka. An inspirational stay that nourishes in several areas, I am sure. We’ll see 🙂

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